Roxanne, Elite Stylist/Lead educator, Alexis Hotel

Roxanne graduated in 2002 from Gene Juarez in Seattle, WA.  Roxanne started training other stylists in-salon in 2004 and became an Aveda Certified Color Trainer in 2007. In 2012, she began specializing in wedding styles. She has taken numerous Advanced and Continuing education classes with Aveda Guest Artists and leaders within the industry.  

Roxanne loves to complete the overall look, transforming hair color, cut, and finishing with great style. She enjoys making the grow-out process easier for guests that are transitioning from short hair to long hair by mixing things up and keeping them fun. Roxanne has an enthusiasm for fun fashion colors, balayage, and hair painting. Wedding styles have been of interest for her over the years as styles change season to season and year to year.

Roxanne was born in Maui, but has lived in Washington State for most of her life. In her spare time, Roxanne’s hobbies include quilting and enjoying fine wine. She lives in Seattle with her husband, her baby boy, and two occasionally-lovable cats.  

Favorite Aveda Product: Volumizing Tonic, not just for its pleasant aroma, but for the amazing volume it gives hair.