Rebekah, esthetician/spa manager, Alexis Hotel

Rebekah has been working with Aveda products since 2011 when she graduated from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. She learned early that intention in your touch is as important as the ingredients in your products. Rebekah perfected her facial techniques from studying the precise methods of Aveda's Global Esthetics Instructor, Helga Hefner. Rebekah also received professional mentoring from Cheryl Nichols, a leading Esthetics Educator, giving her a lifelong understanding of how best to serve the guest's needs and enhance their inner beauty. She has acquired a variety of techniques through continuing education, including Craniosacral hand placements to ensure that each guest receives tranquility while in her care. 

Rebekah pairs intentional listening with her natural intuition, giving her the ability to recommend the perfect Aveda skin care routine for your lifestyle. Rebekah's area of expertise is delicately clearing toxins from the skin using specific acupressure points and plant-derived aromas. Every treatment is customized for your needs.

In addition to her love love of dogs and swimming, Rebekah’s main hobby is enhancing the human connection. She is very attentive to her relationships, and often hosts close friends for dinner. Experimental cooking is a frequent event in her house, and she enjoys mixing up fresh ingredients for her famous homemade sangria.

Favorite Aveda product: Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment Lotion. Our skin is always the last to receive moisture, so this pure rush of hydration always does the trick to ensure a radiant complexion!